Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tummy Thursday

The past week we've had appointment after appointment with the doctors to talk about the kid. We had our first ultrasound that had terrible resolution, but I could actually see a little head and body in there with a little heartbeat, which was kinda a trip. I got all these blood tests, and found out I'm O+ blood type (who knew? not me!). I'm a carrier for a mutation that causes cystic fibrosis, so Alex went to get his blood drawn to make sure he's not a CF carrier. I still oddly have antibodies that recognize chicken pox and measles, mumps, rubella, so that's really good. It's interesting all the things you can learn about yourself when you get pregnant. We also had our first appointment with the genetic counselors here at Stanford. I feel like I am getting the most amazing care already, and I'm so glad I'm at a teaching hospital where all this stuff is available to me. It's really been amazing. We had another ultrasound, and this time it was super high resolution. I saw kidneys, and placenta, the hearbeat, even the brain! It was such a trip. There are two legs and two arms, and I think I saw hands and feet. I could see skeleton, like ribs, and facial features like jaws and skull. It was a big trip, especially when you think that it's all going on in your body! We were seen by the director of the clinic, and she predicted that it's a boy with 85% accuracy, which is what I've been feeling all along. We'll know more in about 8 weeks, but, at this point, I am pretty sure it's a boy.
My husband was pretty excited about the whole thing. He took the ultrasound pictures back to work with him to show his boss, and then scanned them in to email his parents. It's nice that things are settling down for a minute. I know it will get hectic in a few months, but I also feel like it's nice to dream about who this kid will be and what he'll be like. We shall see.
I'm feeling much, much better, and I actually biked the 20 miles to/from work yesterday. That made me feel great (although I did go to bed rather early last night). Food seems more palatable, although I still have significant food aversions. I'm still dealing with constipation, and I've added in about 16 pills a day that seem to be easing things along. However, I'm still not "regular", which gets to be a little bit uncomfortable.
I've been pretty much taking it easy since I finished my grant on Monday. I've been walking every day, and not working super hard. My brain is honestly a little bit fried from the grant writing experience, and it's still working overtime to process this whole "having a kid" thing. I've told my lab and they are all super excited. I'll tell my boss next week when she comes back for a visit. All seems to be coming together nicely right now, which is a nice situation. I don't have to yet think about car seats or baby clothes, and I get to just hang out and enjoy cooking a baby, which is kinda cool. Even my horrific acne is going away, praise the lord. So, I'll just sit back and enjoy the ride for now.

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  1. I get to be an auntie! I get to be an auntie!