Monday, June 22, 2015

Some pics and things to make you happy

We headed to CO a couple weeks ago and man was it great to have a vacation. Here's D sleeping on the way there.
The people at Southwest were so nice they let D sit in the pilot seat after we landed. I am desperately trying to prevent him from touching anything.
Here are my husband and child in front of the weirdest mural I have ever seen. "Welcome to Denver, were a faceless man may kill your children!?!?"
It's so pretty there. The view from my in laws' kitchen. 
D loved the wow-wow, Snickers
Slept for the first time in a toddler bed and only really fell out once!
And met his cousin, K.

More pics to come...

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


  • Last night, D woke up at 1:00am because his diaper was full. I mean, like, WAY full. He needed a new outfit and everything. This was because he decided to drink the bath water last night. Apparently, all of it. 
  • I must have shut off my alarm at 5:30am because I don't remember it going off. I woke to "Mama, mama!" around 7:30am. 
  • D found a discarded 18-egg carton to be recycled. He said, "Oh no! Eggies all gone!".
  • This week is Teacher appreciation week at D's school. Every day, we bring them something to show them they are appreciated. We brought drawings with a pic of D yesterday, some snacks today and some flowers tomorrow. Altogether, all 4 teachers will get 5 gifts from us!
  • Also, there's this. No numbers associated with it, but I think it's awesome.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Two Wknds Pics

 Helping Daddy with his bike.
 Sweet boy
 We took a ditch day and went to SF. Here we are at Coit Tower (totally worth the $8 to go to the top, by the way).
 Pretty decent view, right? SF is so pretty.
 Here we are at the top (although it's hard to tell). The wind was blowing so hard it literally took my breath away.
 Important California Sea Lion picture. I took a video for D and he kept saying "Wow-wow!" (his word for dog).
 We went to this great place called the Musee Mechanique and it had tons of old "video" games (that's not the right word for it). Lots of dioramas, fortune tellers, etc. It was great. Here is Alex in front of the Song of the Prairie diorama. It played music and the people inside it farted. it was amazing. Also, this place is right by Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39, so you should totally check it out.
 D now climbs on the couch and jumps off.
 He likes to carry his "wow-wows" around.
 Before bed, he will see his stuffed animals and say "Wow-wow!" and hug them and say "Night-night". It's adorable.
 Reading Goodnight moon with Daddy.
 Checking out the ducks in the pond by our house (AKA quack-quacks).
 Sleeping beauty (with his wow-wow).
 Playing on the deck.
 Digging some dirt at the playground.
 Playing peekaboo with Dad (after spaghetti dinner).
 Goodnight moon.
Taking a walk in the forest. 

My camera on my phone died (it's fixed now), but I missed out on some fun pics from yesterday. We walked down to the creek and D and Daddy threw rocks in the creek. He loves to be outdoors. He took a good nap and then we played outside with bubbles for a bit. He likes to help water the plants too. This morning he ate spinach and egg, tomatoes (2), apple, bread and part of a croissant. Oh, and pork chop. Think he's gonna have a growth spurt?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lots of pics

A wee gardener at Aunt Trudy's house
He loves tools
On a hike down a surprisingly steep road
A fork of theTuolumne 
Hiking kiddo (start 'em young!)
Hiking with Daddy and Grandpa
Eating pizza after a well deserved and long nap
Chillin out
Throwing rocks in Pine Mountain Lake
Playing at school
Look, over there!
Ringing the fire truck bell
Checking out ducks in the pond (Menlo Park Easter egg hunt)
Turtles? Wawa?
Helping Daddy put together a new tiny table and chairs
Easter loot
Checking out his new toys
D didn't like jelly beans, so he gave them to Ducky
Helping Mama and Dada pot plants
Headed to school on Monday. He wanted to take his books with him

Monday, February 9, 2015

Wknd pics

You guys, it rained a lot this weekend. So we took it pretty easy.
We swept
We made a couple calls
We slept for 3 hrs (vaccine temp)
We danced on popcorn
We checked out that cool thing called a downspout 
We worked out in a track suit
We filled the bathtub with toys
Alex geared up to get the paper
We stayed warm and dry inside
Newspaper retrieval was a highlight of the day
Cause then you can read the funnies 
Made the bed
Hid a little
There he is!