Monday, October 27, 2014

Wknd pics

Destroying the dishwasher?
Getting stuck in the dishwasher basket and not knowing how to avoid the spiky things to get out
Beach time with Aunt Betsy and Daddy
My boys
Rainbow over Pigeon Point
Pigeon Point lighthouse
Morning nap
Hike in the redwoods
Sitting on the trail, picking up rocks
Riding on Daddy's shoulders
Fire in the fireplace, Halloween lights, walking baby 

Forehead bruise from walking

Free standing

This morning it was 39F
Last night, Alex was coming back inside. He could see a little boy, a fire, lights inside the house. He thought, "This is perfect". And it's true. We live a wonderful life. I'm trying to appreciate it more!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

One of those days...

Do you ever have one of those? It started off pretty good, actually. D slept in his crib until 3am, which was lovely. I woke up to a happy, babbling baby. Alex is feeling like he's coming down with something (joy!), so he was slow to get up. But D and I got up and fed the kitties and had some breakfast and all was right with the world. We hit a ton of traffic on the way in, but that was no big deal. We got to school and D's lunch box had fallen over and a lot of his milk for the day had spilled. Breast milk. That I had worked so hard to pump. Ugh. I hate that. Alex had to run, so I dropped D at school myself. Snack time was just starting, and it was a little girl's birthday, so it was "special snack". D would have nothing to do with it. He didn't want to sit and eat with his friends, he just wanted me to hold him. OK, fine, I can do most things with one hand by now. I tried to get him settled in, and he just was not settling. He had his 1yr vaccines on Tues, so I think he might be feeling a little punky - he just wants mama (I'm not complaining!). I eventually had to leave him, absolutely sobbing. As I walked away, I stopped at the bathroom, thinking he would be done crying when I was done. No dice. He was still sobbing when I walked out the front door. Ugh. I hate that.
I got to work and realized my checking account was overdrawn. Fixed that. Then I got my phone/internet bill. It was $455. Four-hundred fifty-five dollars. Are you kidding me? Then I spent half an hour on the phone with AT&T. Thankfully, the girl I talked to was really efficient and could take care of the ridiculous charges AT&T was trying to throw at me. By this time, I am just beat. I just keep thinking about leaving my little sobbing boy at daycare. I was seriously thinking, can I just stay here with him? Can I just take him home and stay with him all day? I know, it's a silly thought. And, by now, I'm sure he's fine. The thing I am dreading is that I am on his daycare's parent board. We have a meeting tonight from 5-6. Because of the spilled milk, I will have to go nurse him before the meeting and then leave him for an hour to go to the meeting. Ugh. Being a mom is hard.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Bday fun

Eating a hairbrush in the morning
Happy birthday!
Cookie and fruit for birthday snacks
Gather round the bin to play
Cornstarch and water for messy fun (of course he must eat it!)
Playing with the squishy stuff
Of course, get in the bin of cornstarch
Then paint the cabinets
Bye everyone!

Thankfully, D's teachers were super cool
with us destroying the classroom with cornstarch and water (non-Newtonian fluid!). We really need to bring them donuts next week!

Progress Haiku Friday

Moving is a ton
of work. This weekend unpack
the last of boxes.


Pumpkin festival
half moon bay. Get firewood. 
One pancake breakfast.


Cleaning lady comes
Monday. Veronica is 
her name. I am glad.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Tearing apart Grandma's Halloween decorations

Playing in Grandpa's old Model T

Asleep in my old crib - yes, my mom hung up pictures for little D

With Grandma

Fixing the airplane 

Playing the piano

Working the baby gate with his friend Boyfriend (BTW, he now LOVES dogs)


Unloading the spice cabinet


Playing the ukelele





Opening presents 

The best picture

Sunday breakfast

Talking with Grandpa

Sunset on the road

Back in the olden days...

I've been reading my old blog recently. Do you ever go back and read your old blog? I've been enraptured by it, remembering my "old life" back in Philly. It's a lovely trip down memory lane and it actually is nice to read, to remember. I hope I can blog more now. I like to see what was going on in my life, and I like having a record of it.
Because of this, I've decided to resurrect the "Numbers" post

Forthwith, you will find Tuesday Numbers

  • D got a scholarship for daycare! We are getting about a 10% discount on his tuition. Hey, every penny counts, right?
  • Because of the extra savings, I am getting a house cleaner, dammit. I got a local reference for a woman. She will come see our house on Friday at 8am, even though my boxes are not yet unpacked. I think that having cleaning taken care of for me will allow me to actually unpack boxes and organize things instead of being distracted by cleaning. Being a working mom is hard. 
  • I am finding 8 hour days at work to be a challenge. I haven't slept well recently and I'm still fighting off the tail end of a cold. I would like a nap, please.
  • D, however, is doing swimmingly well at daycare recently. He used to cry for about 2 minutes when I left. For the last 2 weeks, he hasn't cried at all when I leave. Thank god.
  • Currently, I have 2 big boxes on my lab bench. I guess I need to do something about that. 
  • This morning, I rescued 1 spider from the bathtub
  • The last two nights have been clear. You can see lots and lots of stars from our house. It's really lovely and amazing.
  • At daycare, D only sleeps for 1 hour or less. He should really sleep for 3.

Monday, October 13, 2014


This past weekend, we headed to Oxnard to hang out with my parents and celebrate little D's first birthday. This time, one year ago, I was heading to the hospital to check in for my induction. Crazy. We left late Wed night (like, nearly 9pm!) thinking that D would sleep in the car on the way down. We went thru the In N Out drive thru at 11:30 at night. Yeah. We hit some crazy fog for, like, 40 miles, and my poor husband was super diligent, but seriously falling asleep by the time we rolled into the 'Nard. Ugh. I'm not sure we will try that again. My parents were thrilled to see us, even at 2:30am. And, of course, little D thought it was time to get up. He finally went to sleep at 4:30am and slept until 8:30am (thank you, son). We are crazy.
Thursday night we went to my cousin Alison's house for dinner. It was a nice big family dinner, and D got a ukelele for his birthday. He also got to play the guitar with my amazingly talented cousin Adrian and he played the piano and danced around the room with my other cousin Lizzie. Dinner was amazing, and D ate more than I have ever seen him eat. Meat, potatoes, corn casserole (um, the best!) garlic bread, and chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches for dessert. Holy moly. So amazingly good. It's so nice to have him be older and see people. He's much more interested in what people are doing, he's much more engaged, and he's just plain fun. And it's so great to see him walking around (with help, of course) and interacting with people. He brings out smiles in people. He's just the best.
On Friday, I got to go get my hair cut. Thank you god. Alex and my Dad ran some errands with D to get things ready for the party on Saturday. And then Friday afternoon, we got some pictures taken of my little guy. I can't wait to see how they come out! Friday night, we headed to Rancho Viernes (how fitting) for some pizza and hanging out. D loved the kids. He couldn't get enough of 4 year old C. They were goofing off and having a blast. D also loved Brad. He followed him around all over the house. Like Brad said, us big guys - we have to stick together. D also earned the name "Little Bulldog" and it's kinda true. He's stubborn and determined and by far the most solid kid his age I've seen.
On Saturday, it was party day! We ran some errands, picked up a pretty cake and set things up around the house. People started arriving around 4pm and it was so fun to see everyone and have them see D again. It's been 10 months since we've been to Oxnard. Too long, in my opinion. We had dinner and cake. Watching D smash cake around (and finally discover that it was edible) was hilarious. As far as I can tell, he had a great time. He got lots of present - clothes, toys, books, money. It was so, so nice. And yesterday, we hung out and had a big breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa. D slept for 3 hours straight on the way home. The other three hours, I sat in the back with him and entertained him with books, singing, stories, toys and goofy faces. We stopped once at a rest stop and he walked all over the place - get the kinks out, you know. It was so cute.

And now, the stats (in case you want to know)
D had 6 teeth (4 top, 2 bottom) and is probably close to 24 lbs. I would say he's maybe 26 or 27 inches tall. Maybe a little more. He crawls like crazy and walks with assistance. He has lots of ideas and is really stubborn and persistent, even when you try to distract him from something you don't want him to do. He has the best smile and loves to be goofy. He's ticklish on his toes, his knees and his sides. He's starting to say some words, or at least try to. He can say "Mama(mamamama)" pretty well and I think he's saying it in reference to me. He tries to say Dad, but it comes out "Ah-da" or something like that. He met dogs for the first time ever this weekend. He also tried to say "dog", which is more like "Dah". And I realized that "Ducky" sounds like "Doggie", so he now thinks that the cats are dogs. Oh well. He can do some sign languange, like "All done", "Milk" and he can wave hello and goodbye. He also likes to clap and throw his hands in the air when you say "Hooray!". He is understanding more and more of the things I say and he's just an all around joy to be around. He is always trying to "figure stuff out" so he often has a furrowed brow when looking at things and seeing things. But he's quick to giggle, loves singing and music and is just the cutest kid in the world. I am so lucky to be his mom.

Oh, and pics will be forthcoming later today...