Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween Haiku Friday

 Happy Halloween
from my little dragon, he 
even can roar.
 Costume doesn't last
too long but he looks cute for
mostly blurry pic.
Not much planned, school
parade, potluck. Kids dressed up
is surely the best.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Wknd pics

Destroying the dishwasher?
Getting stuck in the dishwasher basket and not knowing how to avoid the spiky things to get out
Beach time with Aunt Betsy and Daddy
My boys
Rainbow over Pigeon Point
Pigeon Point lighthouse
Morning nap
Hike in the redwoods
Sitting on the trail, picking up rocks
Riding on Daddy's shoulders
Fire in the fireplace, Halloween lights, walking baby 

Forehead bruise from walking

Free standing

This morning it was 39F
Last night, Alex was coming back inside. He could see a little boy, a fire, lights inside the house. He thought, "This is perfect". And it's true. We live a wonderful life. I'm trying to appreciate it more!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

One of those days...

Do you ever have one of those? It started off pretty good, actually. D slept in his crib until 3am, which was lovely. I woke up to a happy, babbling baby. Alex is feeling like he's coming down with something (joy!), so he was slow to get up. But D and I got up and fed the kitties and had some breakfast and all was right with the world. We hit a ton of traffic on the way in, but that was no big deal. We got to school and D's lunch box had fallen over and a lot of his milk for the day had spilled. Breast milk. That I had worked so hard to pump. Ugh. I hate that. Alex had to run, so I dropped D at school myself. Snack time was just starting, and it was a little girl's birthday, so it was "special snack". D would have nothing to do with it. He didn't want to sit and eat with his friends, he just wanted me to hold him. OK, fine, I can do most things with one hand by now. I tried to get him settled in, and he just was not settling. He had his 1yr vaccines on Tues, so I think he might be feeling a little punky - he just wants mama (I'm not complaining!). I eventually had to leave him, absolutely sobbing. As I walked away, I stopped at the bathroom, thinking he would be done crying when I was done. No dice. He was still sobbing when I walked out the front door. Ugh. I hate that.
I got to work and realized my checking account was overdrawn. Fixed that. Then I got my phone/internet bill. It was $455. Four-hundred fifty-five dollars. Are you kidding me? Then I spent half an hour on the phone with AT&T. Thankfully, the girl I talked to was really efficient and could take care of the ridiculous charges AT&T was trying to throw at me. By this time, I am just beat. I just keep thinking about leaving my little sobbing boy at daycare. I was seriously thinking, can I just stay here with him? Can I just take him home and stay with him all day? I know, it's a silly thought. And, by now, I'm sure he's fine. The thing I am dreading is that I am on his daycare's parent board. We have a meeting tonight from 5-6. Because of the spilled milk, I will have to go nurse him before the meeting and then leave him for an hour to go to the meeting. Ugh. Being a mom is hard.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Bday fun

Eating a hairbrush in the morning
Happy birthday!
Cookie and fruit for birthday snacks
Gather round the bin to play
Cornstarch and water for messy fun (of course he must eat it!)
Playing with the squishy stuff
Of course, get in the bin of cornstarch
Then paint the cabinets
Bye everyone!

Thankfully, D's teachers were super cool
with us destroying the classroom with cornstarch and water (non-Newtonian fluid!). We really need to bring them donuts next week!

Progress Haiku Friday

Moving is a ton
of work. This weekend unpack
the last of boxes.


Pumpkin festival
half moon bay. Get firewood. 
One pancake breakfast.


Cleaning lady comes
Monday. Veronica is 
her name. I am glad.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Tearing apart Grandma's Halloween decorations

Playing in Grandpa's old Model T

Asleep in my old crib - yes, my mom hung up pictures for little D

With Grandma

Fixing the airplane 

Playing the piano

Working the baby gate with his friend Boyfriend (BTW, he now LOVES dogs)


Unloading the spice cabinet


Playing the ukelele





Opening presents 

The best picture

Sunday breakfast

Talking with Grandpa

Sunset on the road