Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

  • My weekend just ended! How cool is that?
  • Went home to Oxnard to see family and friends. Left early Saturday morning and made it home in time to hang out at Casey's 3rd birthday party. It's always fun to see family and friends there and I think Casey had the best time ever. Birthdays are ALWAYS fun!
  • On Sunday, we spent a bunch of time running around. My mom and I went to Babies R Us (AKA, the third circle of hell!) super early to avoid the crowds. It was actually kinda fun. She got to pick out a "going home form the hospital" outfit for Golack. It's just about the cutest thing - it has little dogs and tents on it. Perfect!
  • Sunday morning, Alex got up real early and went for a bike ride with a group of cyclists. Unfortunately, he got a flat tire about 10 miles into the ride, so he didn't complete it with them. Instead, he went off on his own, climbed some hills and had a nice ride (yeah, all before I actually left the house - how lazy am I? LOL)
  • Alex and I then ran some errands that included heading to BevMo. As we were driving up, I saw the unmistakable profile of my Uncle, Dorothy and Lizzie walking out of Trader Joe's. Lizzie invited us to come over and see her if we had the time, which was so awesome. I never see anyone I know, and, here, we had run into people I had actually WANTED to see!
  • Sunday night we got to hang out with some of my parents' friends for dinner. We had a really nice time chatting and eating. 
  • On Monday, Alex and I hung out at the hanger at the airport and Alex fixed up the car real nice. It's so amazing he knows how to do all of these things like change the oil, replace all these fluids, rotate the tires, etc. I think my Dad likes having a guy around who knows how to use tools :) We found a bad valve on one of the tires, and Dad was nice enough to take us over to his "tire guy" to get it replaced. 
  • In the meantime, we stopped and ate lunch with Dad's friends at the airport. We got to see a cool old Land Cruiser, and some kind of an airplane called an "Ufda" - OK, maybe it wasn't called that, but it was something like that. It was fun to see the friends my Dad has at the airport, and it was good to see him hanging out and having a good time!
  • We also had the chance to stop by and see Liz and Adrian before we left. They are moving into Grandpa's old house (along with their parents) and it was so cool to see the house fixed up and living again. Liz and Adrian are like a whirlwind of blonde hair and high pitched voices, but I always find them entertaining and sincere. It was good to play catch up. We had a great time.
  • We also headed over to Randi and Brad's to just chill out and catch up. It was great to see them and to see Casey running around with all his birthday toys. I think the highlight of the visit (at least according to Alex) was asking Casey if he wanted to play with a tire iron, and Casey immediately answering "Yes!" and wandering off with it. Yes, my husband will be an amazing father :)
  • We spent the majority of yesterday driving back to the Bay, and we managed to take a walk around the neighborhood last night before dinner. It was nice to be home at a reasonable hour for a change. 
  • In other news, I think that Golack the Destroyer may have dislocated one of my ribs. I've been having rib pain off and on for a couple days now, and it's been more and more intense. It feels like one of my ribs (or two, maybe) are out of place, and sitting or bending down is very painful. Apparently, this is common in people with hyperextended joints (me!) and hopefully the ribs can be popped back into place at my doc's appt on Friday. Until then, I guess I just deal.

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  1. Grody about the rib cage, totally true about the tire iron.