Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mommy Situations

D woke up the other morning with gunk in his eye. I sent an FB to all my mommy friends from my Mom&Baby classes and one said she had put breast milk in her daughter's eye and it had cleared right up. Guess what I did? Put breast milk in eye three times yesterday. It cleared up within an hour.
Moral of that story: Breast milk is magical.

We went to my co-worker's holiday party last night. It was all fun and games until about 7pm, when D decided to have a meltdown. Crying uncontrollably and nothing Alex or I could do would change it. I felt so embarrassed that I couldn't soothe my baby. And I felt super bummed that I couldn't hang out more with my friends and catch up (it's been such a long time it feels like). I was also super bummed that they didn't get to see the happy, smiling, laughing baby that D is. Of course, everyone understood (and some actually said that they missed their kids being that way - huh?).
Moral of that story: parties at night time for a 7 week old? Not the best idea....
Another moral of that story: You live, you learn.
Another moral of that story: The best situations might be going to someone else's house instead of having them at your house - this way you can leave whenever you want!

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  1. Babies cry uncontrollably sometimes and that is not a reflection on you. Ok? That's all.
    He's so cute. I just died. Thanks a lot.