Monday, March 3, 2014

Great weekend Wrapup

1) I took D to work with me on Friday. It's so awesome to hang with your kid for a day - what a treat!
2) I had a meeting with a collaborator and things that I thought were bad are actually good - a HUGE relief!
3) We've been getting some rain, which is great!
4) My grant proposal that I started writing almost a year ago was funded! I now have a stable job for 2 more years!
5) My father in law surprised my mother in law by showing up at our house dressed as a homeless man. Who says romance is dead?
6) D got to meet his Poppop!
7) D is learning to "army crawl" or creep. He'll soon be mobile!
8) D is starting to roll over tummy to back. He seems quite surprised when it happens.
9) we took Grammy bird watching 
& saw some cool birds.
10) Work is good. Life is good. 
In motion
Crawling with Poppop

1 comment:

  1. Neat that your FIL came out! I sure miss you and can't believe how quickly Big D is growing xoxo