Monday, January 26, 2015


  • D signs "more" when he wants help with something
  • He is teething, so we were up lots last night. I am a mom zombie, a "mombie" if you will, today.
  • He usually sleeps pretty well in his own bed for the whole night
  • For the first time, he can watch short videos and he laughs at them (usually "Shaun the Sheep"). He doesn't watch much TV at all, but those videos can be a lifesaver to get him to calm down for a few minutes (and usually get him to take a rest).
  • He has learned to shake his head "no", and he uses it liberally. "Do you want a new diaper?" "No." "Do you want to go home?" "No." "Do you want to go to the park?" "No."
  • Sometimes, he means "No". Other times he doesn't.
  • Drop-off at school is getting better. He was really upset because he made the switch to the toddler room, and it's a bit overwhelming.  The classroom is physically bigger, the kids are bigger, and there is way more chaos than the infant room he was in. The kids are expected to understand and perform things, like cleanup of toys, washing hands (their sink is really, really low to the ground!), eating on their own (bigger pieces, using plates and utensils), drink out of a cup (just a wee little bit of milk in a cup), and nap on their own. While we are still working on a lot of these things, D picks up so much from the other kids. All of a sudden, he's taking bites of food, instead of shoving the entire piece of bread in his mouth. He pushes our dining room chairs into the table, because they do that at school. And he loves to be outside - when we put his shoes on, he is ready to go out the door. He's also started to put things away. It's pretty cute
  • D loves to help me cook, and he's come up with his own sign for "hot", which he signs whenever he sees a pot or pan. He likes to help stir the pots, and he has his own set of pots and pans to play with. I don't think we are at "pretend" play yet, but I think we are getting more of an imagination, which is so fun.
  • He will also sit for a few minutes and read a book - I finally figured out why baby books are so short! We often don't get through a whole book, but I kinda feel like that is OK. 
  • He's getting really consistent with waving "hi" and "bye". He waves a lots of things, like trees, birds, ponds, playgrounds, dogs, and people. Pretty cute.
  • We've been battling cold after cold this winter. I am ready for it to be done!

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  1. Reading books, while awesome to attempt, really don't happen til like age 4.