Tuesday, May 5, 2015


  • Last night, D woke up at 1:00am because his diaper was full. I mean, like, WAY full. He needed a new outfit and everything. This was because he decided to drink the bath water last night. Apparently, all of it. 
  • I must have shut off my alarm at 5:30am because I don't remember it going off. I woke to "Mama, mama!" around 7:30am. 
  • D found a discarded 18-egg carton to be recycled. He said, "Oh no! Eggies all gone!".
  • This week is Teacher appreciation week at D's school. Every day, we bring them something to show them they are appreciated. We brought drawings with a pic of D yesterday, some snacks today and some flowers tomorrow. Altogether, all 4 teachers will get 5 gifts from us!
  • Also, there's this. No numbers associated with it, but I think it's awesome.

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  1. Casey saw that picture and was very excited I was Wonderwoman and he told me the guy on the left was Batman. Sigh.