Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Country Living and Toddler-isms

  • Last night, in the car: "D eating boogie. Mmmmm...boogie yummmy."
  • I watched a squirrel barf on our front deck
  • D always looks for banana slugs (he calls them ma-nannies).
  • I can hear coyotes howl in the distance as I'm waking up in the morning
  • Some wild pigs walked through our yard the other night
  • A doe and her fawn regularly visit our yard
  • D loves to visit the "quack-quacks" at the pond
  • Swallows swoop overhead while we walk
  • The pond has lots of frogs. At one point, there were lots of tadpoles and you could hear them sucking at the water. 
  • Yesterday, there was a stork at the pond
  • The other day, there was a heron.
  • We have a tree full of ripening plums
  • Bushes full of tart blackberries not yet ripe
  • Thorns and thistles aplenty, making real shoes a necessity
  • It was 100 yesterday when we left work. When we got home, it was 75. So pleasant
  • Crickets
  • Moon and stars
  • Come visit!

1 comment:

  1. Oh plums. We have SO MANY.
    I wanna come over. Soon. xo