Monday, August 3, 2015

Random Schnippets

  • Conversation in the car the other day: "Mama, boogies" "Yes, D, you have boogies" "Mama, boogies NOSE!" "Yes, D you have boogies in your nose" "Mama, eat boogies" "No, D, don't eat boogies" "Mmmmm....Mama, boogies YUMMY!"
  • D can go down the big, twisty enclosed slide at the park because he comes to a stop before he flies off the end of the slide and then he waits for one of us to get him. The other slide has no such brake. So, he just slid down the other big slide and he fell flat on his face. Now he's got a nice big cut on his chin, got a bloody mouth and has a red cheek. Whoops. 
  • Sometimes, I think that dressing a toddler should be an Olympic event. Pants on a kid can be a serious wrestling match.
  • The other night I was putting D to bed and he wanted to say "Night-night" to everything. Including the baby deer and the trees.
  • D is getting more and more challenging. This past weekend was full of biting, hitting and kicking. He doesn't yet understand "no" and he giggles when I say it. He also repeats words, but I don't think he understands "No biting mama!" Then he bites. Ah, toddlerhood....

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  1. Christa revels in being in trouble.
    Stay strong!