Monday, December 12, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up, bullet point style

  • Friday night, we headed to a party at a friends' house. It was mostly adults, but my kid played with their super cool Lego Star Wars stuff and we had a really nice time
  • Saturday, it rained. And rained. And rained. And rained. All day. It never stopped. I left the house once to get the mail and buy some milk at the market down the street. Other than that, it was a movie and chill day. We watched Dory - a super cute movie that D got for his birthday. We all loved it. My favorite part? The driving octopus. You should watch this movie. It's so good!
  • Sunday, D and I stayed home while Alex went to work and ran some errands. We watched a lot of Rescue Bots and I tried to clean up the house, with little success. D wouldn't nap, wouldn't eat, wined and refused to do much. In the afternoon, we went over to some friend's house to have a playdate. They live in this super nice, super lovely gigantic house. Dad's a doctor - guess I know what occupation I should have gone into :)
  • The kids had a good time, we had pizza for dinner and just enjoyed being around adults. It was super nice and I hope they invite us back again :)
  • This morning, wouldn't you know it? My son woke up with the cold Alex had last week. And with Alex not yet completely better, and D whining about being sick - man was this a rough morning. I am hoping some coffee and good music will set it back on track...
  • I'm usually not glad to be at work on Monday, but today ....
  • Have a good one, folks!

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