Tuesday, December 20, 2016

D's current favorite story

Once upon a time there was a big, big,big,big,big,big,big,big,big,big,big,big,big,big,big,big, dinosaur and he was eating something.
He ate <insert current favorite character - could be Rescue Bots, or people, or an animal>
This character fell into the dino's tummy.
Something happens and the character (or someone helping the character, like Optimus Prime) makes the dino barf and the character come out of the dino and take a shower.

Wknd pics

Lab decor
Frost brrrrrrr
Not afraid of heights 
Roller coaster
Lemur by the heater
Not afraid of Dino anymore 
Red panda
Lemur feeding time
Cold watching Rescue Bots

Monday, December 12, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up, bullet point style

  • Friday night, we headed to a party at a friends' house. It was mostly adults, but my kid played with their super cool Lego Star Wars stuff and we had a really nice time
  • Saturday, it rained. And rained. And rained. And rained. All day. It never stopped. I left the house once to get the mail and buy some milk at the market down the street. Other than that, it was a movie and chill day. We watched Dory - a super cute movie that D got for his birthday. We all loved it. My favorite part? The driving octopus. You should watch this movie. It's so good!
  • Sunday, D and I stayed home while Alex went to work and ran some errands. We watched a lot of Rescue Bots and I tried to clean up the house, with little success. D wouldn't nap, wouldn't eat, wined and refused to do much. In the afternoon, we went over to some friend's house to have a playdate. They live in this super nice, super lovely gigantic house. Dad's a doctor - guess I know what occupation I should have gone into :)
  • The kids had a good time, we had pizza for dinner and just enjoyed being around adults. It was super nice and I hope they invite us back again :)
  • This morning, wouldn't you know it? My son woke up with the cold Alex had last week. And with Alex not yet completely better, and D whining about being sick - man was this a rough morning. I am hoping some coffee and good music will set it back on track...
  • I'm usually not glad to be at work on Monday, but today ....
  • Have a good one, folks!