Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Grateful and Stuff

Taylor and little Miss K opening presents

 Alex's and my stockings (they got me a stocking with my name on it!)

 Pop-pop opening some presents!

Yes, I am wearing a tiara, why do you ask?

 This is, I am pretty sure, Denver City Hall. A-MA-ZING, right?


 It's cold in CO, right? It says 9. 

 She's the skating queen!

 My husband on skates!

Thats us in front of the crazy ass Denver City Hall.

Joe and Alex in front of my favorite place in Denver, The Tattered Cover. 

Heading home, made it to AZ.

Oh, CA we were so glad to see you!

 Opening presents at my folks' house.

 I love this show and I am so excited to own these. Yes I am a dork!

 Me and my Ma.

 This is the view from my Grandparents house in Ventura. So many memories there. It's hard to see it go. 

 Their backyard, which I have always loved. 

Well, that's a brief summary of our trip to CO for the holidays. We were so lucky to see family, friends, to reconnect with everyone. It was awesome that we got to see BOTH families, and friends from all over the world (literally!). This was, by far, one of the best holidays I can remember and I will cherish these memories. I feel so grateful to have the life that I have.


  1. Great photos, dude! I should have let you snap one of me at m'desk. hahahaha