Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dirty Laundry

There's been a wealth of dirty laundry airing recently. One of my facebook friends had, for some odd reason, two accounts. I was friends with both of "him". The other night, one of his accounts was "hacked" by his (apparently) scorned ex-wife, detailing how he left her and four kids with no money in TN while he went off to live in CA with his parents. How he had an affair with another women (weirdly who I also know) and how he stole the kids from her. It was awful. But train-wreck awful. I couldn't look away. It's rare to see the inner workings of a relationship - messy, ugly.  It was also terrible to think about a woman who lost her children. How utterly desperate she must have been to write the things she wrote. Or maybe how utterly stupid? Either way, the situation is really sad. After a couple hours, I "unfriended" the hacked account.
And then I got an email. A really, really weird email. From a guy I have met once or twice. About a person I know (but I'm not really that close to). It was a long, rambling, messy thing. At first I couldn't figure out why I would get this email, or what it was about. Then I figured out it was basically trying to discredit this person I know and say some awful things about them. I didn't really know what to do with the information (and I'm sure some of it is inflated) but it made a few puzzle pieces fit together. I, of course, contacted the person who the email was about to make sure they are OK. There are kids involved, and restraining orders, police, etc. It looks ugly. Obviously, I don't want to be involved. My friend is OK, and I can only be supportive.
It's things like these that make me appreciate my "boring" old life. Watching my baby discover new things every day. Learning how to be a wife when I have a kid. And figuring out just how the heck to keep my house clean, kid fed, job going, etc, etc, etc. I will take that boring old life any old day. I'll appreciate the little things in my life that are so nice. And I'll take one more day, mostly drama free. 

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  1. I never see the drama on facebook that everyone else does. I guess my feed is very boring.
    Being a mom AND a wife is a very delicate balance and isn't always easy. At least I have found it to be that way. xo