Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Growing up

It's funny to watch your kid grow up. This past weekend reminded me that D knows more than I think he knows....
I threw something in the trash can in the laundry closet. Of course, D got it out and held it up to me. I told him, "That's trash, it goes in the trash can". He promptly took it to the kitchen, where he threw it in the trash can!!! My kid is brilliant.
For the first time, D let me cut his fingernails and toenails. He watched me do it and I didn't have to sneak in when he was sleeping in order to do so. He's much more interested in grooming tasks and tries to comb his hair when I comb it after his bath at night. He also likes to try to comb my hair or Daddy's hair.
D is getting at least 8 teeth right now. He has three molars coming in, and those two bottom teeth next to the two middle ones are finally coming in now. Poor kid was teething over Thanksgiving, but you wouldn't really know it. He slept poorly, but Advil helped. During the day he was his happy jolly self.
He's learned the sign for rain. It's been raining lately, so I taught him (one handed, not two handed, but that's OK). He's picking up signs faster than I can learn them. It's great fun!
He waves at airplanes when they fly overhead. He can also wave good bye and blow kisses (with the back of his hand). He makes a "mwah" sound too. It's pretty darn cute!

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