Thursday, December 11, 2014

Random Schnippets

  • It's rained at least 5 inches here today
  • D is really into mimicry. When I decorated the Christmas tree, he took an ornament out of the box and put in on the tree. Now, when he sees the ornaments, he gets really, really excited and like to take them off and put them back on the tree. 
  • D is getting better at "putting things back". 
  • We took him to his new class (he will transition to the "Toddlers" classroom after the first of the year. He looked so little compared to the other kids! In his new class, he will be expected to do more on his own, like drink out of a cup (a real cup, not a sippy cup), help with washing his own hands, and eat snacks with bigger pieces of food in them (and start using utensils to eat). It will be such a change.
  • Just recently, D has taken an interest in the dolls at daycare. He will hold them and hug them and cover them with a blanket. Then he throws them. Haha. 
  • He's also taken an interest in doing "cooking" things. He will take things that look like spoons and pots and stir the spoon in the pot. He also (just today) grabbed nothing from the floor and offered it to me to eat. I pretended to eat what he gave me. I think there is an imagination emerging! How exciting.
  • My son picked his nose and ate it for the first time on Tuesday. I'm sure not for the last!
  • All the kids in D's class are getting ready to transition to the next classroom. Luckily, most of his friends are going to the same classroom he will be in, so that will be really nice. The kids are starting to kiss and hug each other. D had a little girl, E kissing him. The teachers took some pics and it was so adorable. He also was hugging his boy friend J. This physicality is so adorable (and such a cool thing to watch develop). 
  • Of course, with physicality, comes hurtful touching as well. It's hard to convey "Ouch" and "Stop", etc to kids, but I think the teachers do a good job of it. D still laughs when I tell him "Ouch" when he pulls my hair, but I know it's only a phase. At least, I hope it is :) Another little girl in the classroom is a biter. She's lightning fast, too. Luckily, D hasn't been bitten yet. Crazy, dangerous kids.

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