Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another Tummy Update

I had my first OB appointment yesterday and it was pretty interesting. The office and staff seem really nice and I had, basically, an introduction to the clinic, and the opportunity to ask a bunch of questions and try to figure out what is going on in my body. Here are some things that I learned:
  • I've been wondering why my heart rate gets so high so quickly, and why I get out of breath so easily. I used to be a runner (seriously, I was running until I found out I was pregnant) and then I couldn't run. My heart rate would get sky high, I would get so out of breath, and I would have to stop and rest. It makes me feel like an old lady, to be honest. So, I've just been walking mostly. The nurse told me that pregnancy opens up all my blood vessels really wide, since I'm trying to get as much nutrients to the developing baby. This makes it harder for my heart to pump blood, thus making it work harder when I am moving more. It also can cause problems because your blood doesn't move as much as it should. So, basically, I should keep moving, but I should also be aware of my heart rate. If it gets too high, it's likely taking blood and nutrients away from the baby. Good to know!
  • I joined a clinical trial. I don't want to say exactly what it is because I want to try to remain anonymous, but it's for a March of Dimes study. It should be interesting to see the eventual published paper and to know that I might have contributed something meaningful. I perform science, and science on people is notoriously difficult. I felt compelled to help in any way possible, especially if it can shed some light on premature birth. I'm hoping I'm a control, and not one with a preemie, but we shall see!
  • TMI ahead: The whole constipation issue is still a thing. The nurse told me to take fiber AND a stool softener. She says she wants everything to be like pudding. Things are currently NOT like pudding, and can actually be quite a struggle. Honestly, having your gut function normally is such an important part of my life, that I am willing to do almost anything. Keep your fingers crossed.
  • I chose to see a Resident instead of a Faculty Attending Physician. Stanford Hospital is a teaching hospital, meaning there are tons of medical students, residents (those are people with MDs doing their specialization and training) and physicians. The hours for OB are so long that the attendings make the residents work more hours so they can have a more normal schedule. Makes sense to me. So, if I go with a resident, I will basically see the same person for the duration of my pregnancy, which makes me feel lots more comfortable. If I chose an attending, I may or may not have them there at my delivery. With a resident, an attending will always be present, signing off on things, but I can at least develop a relationship with a person that will carry through my pregnancy, which is what I want. Besides, I'm always up for teaching and learning!
  • I have another appointment next week for my first visit with my Resident. I get to have an ultrasound, which I am pretty excited about. Alex is planning on going with me, as we're both interested in what on earth is going on in my body. Should be a good time.
  • I got an "official" due date of Oct 20, 2013. Mark your calendars for a Halloween baby, folks. Is it too early to start thinking about what costume the kiddo will wear? Even if she/he is late, I am putting that kid in a costume! There is nothing cuter than kids in costumes. Or in snowsuits.
  • I'm on the border of a "too high BMI", meaning I have to go get the glucose tolerance test (GTT) in my first trimester instead of later. I think I'd be glad to get it out of the way, but, honestly, I just can't go without food right now. I get so nauseous when I'm hungry. When I wake, I have to eat immediately, or else I get sick. So, we're gonna wait a week or two and hopefully this situation will calm down, and I can get the GTT over with. I've done these damn things to mice - it sucks they have to do it to me! 
  • The nurse encouraged me to breastfeed, but told me that my insurance provides a crappy breastpump (apparently they are now free with Obamacare). Figures. I think, however, that a breastpump is something I can hopefully afford. 
Well, those seem to be the majority of things I learned yesterday. This whole thing keeps getting more and more real!

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  1. Sounds amazing dude! I can't wait to be an auntie again. Hopefully we can paint your belly like a jack o lantern before you pop. xoxo