Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Pics

This past weekend was quite lovely. Alex and I took a long walk on Saturday and hit up a local bookstore so I could fulfill my need to get some books on this whole "reproducing" thing. It was a really nice walk, and it helped motivate me to do some of the work things I've been procrastinating on. On Sunday, we headed into Santa Cruz to visit our friends. We met up and had a really yummy brunch, and then walked to the Santa Cruz boardwalk. I'm sorry I didn't get any pictures there, but we did head into the fancy-schmancy mini-golf place where I took a few pics as well. We then headed out to Walker Ranch for a lovely hike along the cliffs above the beach where we can across a otter, two sea lions and a bobcat! Wow! What a cool day! Ended it at a local brewery and headed back home to Mountain View, where we hit up the most enormous Trader Joe's I've ever been in. Leave it to Silicon Valley! Altogether a great weekend!

This pirate man greets you at the mini-golf place.

The most amazing mural ever.

That guy looks ready for a dive!

 A view of the beach from Walker Ranch trail

Seriously, gorgeous!

I love this place!

Unreal, right?

That's my handsome husband. I'm one LUCKY girl!

 So amazing!

There's an otter out there, I swear. You just can't see him.

 Stunning. Don't I seem like a professional photographer?
I just got lucky the landscape cooperated!

My friend the bobcat. Literally, about 50 feet from us. Ran across the path, gave us a sideways glance, and then just proceeded to chill out right there for a bit. Seriously, such an amazing experience!

Hope your weekend was just as spectacular!

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