Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tummy Wednesday

I'm just about the middle of my 10th week, and I've got my first OB/GYN appointment tomorrow. I'm starting to feel much, MUCH better, and I'm hopeful that things will continue this way. I feel a bit more lethargic and tired, but I think that's mostly because I've spent the last week grant writing, which involves a lot of sitting in front of the computer, and a lot of not moving, which can't be good for me. My nausea is almost entirely gone, but I still have quite a bit of food aversion. I've gone completely vegetarian, I can't even THINK about eating a piece of meat. My go-to foods recently have been oatmeal, tomato soup and stir fry or pasta with sauce. Pretty bland, I know, but it's all I can handle. I've noticed more and more the effects food have on me. If I eat something too salty, I'm bloated and swollen. With the nausea going away, I'm also able to hang out in the kitchen a bit more, as the smells don't bother me as much. I was able to actually clean the kitchen this past weekend, I baked some pumpkin bread the other day, which was a welcome change. My belly is definitely getting bigger. I am thicker in the middle, but I haven't "popped" yet. My boss is coming back in the middle of April, so I will tell her about my pregnancy then. Hopefully, I can keep it under wraps until then!
I'm a bit more tired than normal and getting up in the morning has become a chore. I'm hoping this will go away sooner than later, as I've got a lot of stuff to accomplish! I wake up in the middle of the night at least once to pee, and I am often parched when I wake up (which has never really happened to me before). I think I need to focus on drinking more water throughout the day.
My mom is understandable really excited. She asked me the other day, What's your theme? My husband then promptly said, You have to have a theme for your pregnancy? I was dying laughing. I have no idea what on earth my theme would be. As with my wedding, I think the birth of this kid will be pretty low key, at least in terms of shit like "themes". Lordy.
We've decided to try to move when our lease it up, which will be right around the time I'm 9 months pregnant. I am glad I live closer to family because I can ask my folks to come help. My mom is stellar at setting up kitchens and closets. I am hoping we can find a condo or a townhome, and not an apartment. I'd much rather have something that has maybe two levels, or at least more separate bedrooms (right now, ours are basically right in the living room. It would be great to have a garage, too, or at least some space where Alex can work on and store the bikes. Instead of in the living room. So, we'll see. Hopefully, we can find something we both like.
I just bought three workout videos for pregnancy. I'm curious how they differ from regular work out videos, and I'd like to know some of the things I'm not allowed to do. I read somewhere not to lie on your back, somewhere else, not to lie on your stomach (that's how I sleep!), so I'm pretty sure I will kill this kid before it comes out. Good lord, is there anything I CAN do?
Other than those minor complaints, things are going well. I am nearly positive I will have to buy some new clothes within the next week or two. my jeans are cutting off my tummy, and I think I'd rather make that transition to the elastic waistband sooner than later. I'm down to two pairs of jeans and lots of sweats. I look good, trust me! Plus, my boobs have gotten bigger (god, please kill me now - I really hope they stop growing!) so my shirts ride up a bit more, exposing my giant thick belly. Not cute.
Well, I hope you've enjoyed this visit into the crazy mind of Christine. xoxo

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  1. I always ended up on my back, too. Eventually you'll be too huge and naturally side sleeping will be the only way. Try not to worry about all the dumb damn rules you'll read. People have been birthin' babies for ages without them.
    I'd offer you some of the bucket of maternity clothes I have at home but I wonder if they'll be too big?