Monday, July 8, 2013

Camping in Lassen National Forest

We celebrated the Fourth of July by camping WAY up north in CA. We were very near both the NV and OR border, and, let me tell you, it was amazing, lovely and wonderful. We didn't want to come back home!

Our fantastic campsite

A hare

Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake

Me and my husband at Eagle Lake

Spelunking in a Lava Tube Cave

That place was DARK, but so cool and refreshing

Mt. Lassen, the volcano that last exploded 100 years ago.

Mt. Lassen. Yup, that's snow. 

Large pile of sulfur

Stunning, right?

Emerald Lake, a snowmelt lake. We stopped here and ate some snacks.

One volcano rock, perched.

Lake Helen. They landed a helicopter on the banks of this lake to rescue a women who broke her ankle.

Brokeoff Mountain in the background. Some of the original volcano caldera in the foreground. Also, you can see the road we came up. It had no guard rails.

Sulfuric, boiling water stream.

This place is literally called "Bumpass Hell"

More Bumpass


Remaining snow at Bumpass

Lush, beautiful grasses grow above Bumpass


Brokeoff Mountain in the background, Diamond Peak in the foreground. Diamond Peak would have been the center of the original caldera.

Terrace Lake, another snowmelt lake.

Shadow Lake

Alex with his favorite tree

Terrace Lake with Mt. Lassen in the background. 
I was super proud of myself because we camped around 5000 feet and I didn't get altitude sickness at all. We hiked about 6 miles total one day, mostly at 7500 feet, and not once did I get sick or have to stop. I made sure I was super hydrated and we took it slow, but altogether, I was so amazed at what I CAN do, since I focus so much on what I can't do. This area is really stunning. I would highly recommend it for any kind of recreation - camping, hiking, backpacking, swimming, watersports. It was a perfect weekend and a perfect time. I was also really encouraged because I saw lots of folks hiking with their kids (both small and bigger), so I am hopeful this is something we can continue once the kidlet is here!