Monday, July 15, 2013

Parental Weekend Wrap-up

This past weekend, my parents came up to visit. It was a great weekend hanging out with them and I was so glad they got to see our place and the area we live! On Saturday, we hit up Hiller Aviation Museum, and on Sunday we headed to Big Basin to check out the Coastal Redwoods. A great time was had by all!

My Dad knew the lady who used to fly this. It's a skywriting plane! this not the most adorable car?

This helicopter was dropped to a downed pilot in the bomb like tube on the right. The downed pilot could then assemble a fully functional helicopter that could fly for 50 miles!

This is my Dad trying to fly a hovercraft simulator.

This plane was gigantic

This is the cockpit of a 737 (I think...)

This is a circle of redwoods. A giant redwood used to live in the center of it, but it died an decomposed. The nutrients from the giant tree allowed the other trees to grow. The bigger ones are already several centuries old!

My little family.

A big, big tree.

The redwood is growing around an oak tree.

The lighthouse at Pigeon Point

Those are sea lions (I am assuming).

Me and my handsome husband!

Me, Golack and my folks.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse.

I loved these birds.

The California Coastline north of Santa Cruz.

The lighthouse.

Prisoner's Rock

My favorite picture.

Which way do you think the wind was blowing?