Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pregnancy Update

  • This kid is moving like a maniac. My labmate wants to blame it on the "Iron Maiden Lullaby" CD that they got us for Golack - she thinks he's rocking out. I think he's practicing pedaling a bicycle. At least that's what it feels like. Sometimes, he moves so much that he takes my breath away. Then I get these concerned looks from all the people around me, thinking that I'm immediately going into labor or something like that. It's actually kinda funny!
  • My rib is still bothering me, and I've now got a nice, numb patch on my belly, where I am sure my rib is extending and pushing into my skin. It's not that fun, but at least lying down helps a bit. 
  • I went to yoga last night and caught up with some of the women from my yoga study class. It was great to see them and catch up and the yoga felt pretty good. It was really hard, though. The bigger I get, the harder actual movement becomes. 
  • The good news, however, is that little Golack has started to drop. I now have some more room in my lungs and my rib pain is not as intense. I'll be 35 weeks this weekend, so he's coming soon!
  • My fingers have started to get a bit swollen. I can't seem to drink enough water, and I'm assuming it's a side effect of not enough water and not enough moving. I've found that I really can't eat much anymore. Three small meals and I am done. My stomach is clearly up near my throat because I've started to get some acid reflux and some heartburn. It's not that bad, and it goes away with Tums, so that's good. Sometimes, I just forget that I can't eat as fast as normal or as much as normal and then my tummy gets a little upset. 
  • Sometimes, I wish my work would provide a couch for napping or laying down. I realize this might sound counterproductive, but sitting is just getting so painful that, if I could lie down, I could work some more.
  • I guess we actually need to come up with a name....

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  1. There is nothing you can do about pregnancy swelling dude. You could drink a pool and swim a thousand laps. Nothing.
    Hooray for cankles.