Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The best baby shower I've been to

This past weekend was the baby shower for my co-worker, A. Her best friend gave her a shower and honestly, it was the loveliest I have been to. Firstly, it had a start and an end time. I love parties that tell you when they will end. It makes it so much easier to plan your day, and it's just better to know how long you have (if the party is really bad, it helps even more!). Light refreshments included fruit on a stick (in rainbow colors), crudite and a pasta salad. Drinks included champagne and sparkling water (and regular water too) - all so simple. Food and drink were available from the minute you walked in, which was really, really nice since I'm pregnant and I want to snack all the time. We decorated onesies while chatting amongst ourselves, but it was nice to have something to do that didn't require constant conversation with people. It was also nice because the group size was small enough that we could all participate in a conversation (or not). We then played two games at once - we were given plastic babies in ice cubes in a glass of water - when the baby came out of the ice cube, we had to notice and say "My water broke!". The first one won a prize. While that was going on, we played a "How well do you know A?" game and that created lots of funny jokes and lots of interesting stories. And, of course, kept the focus on A, which is the whole reason we were there. The last game we played was "How big is the tummy?", which could be a great game, or could be a really killer, right? But, luckily, A is a good sport (and still super tiny), so I am assuming it wasn't a painful game for her to play. Mostly, it was an excuse to get up, stretch, chat with other women and get a good laugh at the different sizes of belly everyone thought she had. A opened presents next, and we all "Oooh-ed and Aaah-ed" and all the cute little things. At this time we also had dessert, which was mini gourmet cupcakes. So tasty. Last, but not least, we signed a frame for A and baby, collected a lovely pumpkin-cranberry bread mix in a mason jar and were on our way. Three hours had gone by. Plenty of time to chat and meet all the women, have a lovely time and then be ready to go home! I was amazed at the simplicity of the party. I always feel like I have to have 100 kinds of food, and 700 kinda of drinks, laid out elaborately and everywhere. The decorations were carnations in tiny vases - around the food and drinks table, in the bathroom. All the servingware was plastic or paper, and a couple "fall" decorations (paper leaves) made the final touches. It was elegant, classy and so, just, nice, you know? I've been to baby showers where there are 40 people invited and the games include really stupid ones, like guess the melted chocolate bar in the diaper, or pin the baby diaper on the baby. Good lord, am I glad this was not like that!
All I know is that I am going to now take my cues from this party. Smaller is better, fewer options for food is great since I don't have to make lots of options, and a start and end time are a must. And keep decor simple and it will all come together. Lovely, lovely, lovely.


  1. Greetings Christine! I'm Heather and I have a question about your blog! If you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com that would be great!

  2. Too bad you wouldn't let me throw you a shower. Bitch.