Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Sometimes it really takes something drastic to make you appreciate what you have. We were warned that this past weekend would have bad storms, so we planned nothing and decided to hunker down at the house and make the best of it. Saturday turned out that way. We played with toys, watched TV and just hung out all day. Sunday was looking to start that way, but the power went out. And pretty much stayed out all day. The day was fine, although a bit dark. We lit candles and played with toys and played games. D and Alex went for a walk and both fell in the mud. It was quiet. But it was also stressful. Without power, I couldn't cook and meal prep like I normally do on a Sunday. We couldn't take showers or baths, couldn't do laundry, couldn't even make coffee because I had to grind the beans. I was worried about the food in our fridge and freezer (I have some stuff stocked up) and we started a fire in the fireplace that continually blew smoke into our house (it was really windy and rainy that day). That night? No power. Dinner made on the grill and eaten by candlelight. Played with toys we could barely see. D was in bed by 7pm. I was in bed around 8:30. It was a weird night and should have been restful and peaceful, but I couldn't stop feeling stressed. D was upset his room was so dark and in fact, sleep talked a couple hours after he went to sleep about how dark it was in his room. I slept poorly. Didn't get up at my usual time. Felt completely out of sorts.
Monday morning, no power still. No coffee. No shower. We made it into work and thankfully got some coffee (and brought the contents of our fridge with us). Showered here. Started to feel more normal. I got a text that the power was back on around noon. Hallelujah!
We left a bit early last night, and got home a bit early. Ate our leftovers for dinner and delighted in watching some terrible cartoons. I did my yoga that I should have done that morning. I turned on heaters and lights. Read to D in his room and left a nightlight on. It was so lovely.
I woke up in the middle of the night, heard the heater turn off. Thought, oh no! The power is out again! But rolled over and went back to sleep. Woke up at my normal time. Did my yoga. Made dinner in the crock pot. Packed lunches. Normal morning. I feel good. Life is good. Appreciate what you have.

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