Friday, January 20, 2017

Flowing thoughts

Not a haiku today
too many thoughts
end of an era
I thought we had it so good
now, uncertainty
elimination of comforts
little government support
let's start "winning" again
life will change
probably not for the better
I'm concerned for lots of things
climate change
science deniers
vaccine refusals
free speech
civil rights
human rights
conflict with police
elimination of federal money for education
creating a dumbed down society
more people to vote for Trump
somehow people wanted this
voting against their own interests
how the republicans do it I will never understand
I refuse to believe I live in a liberal bubble
I like people
I want to help them
help my students
give them a leg up
when we all look out for one another
we win
yes, we can

looking for leadership
I hope I can find some
or be some
let's comfort one another
love one another
then, let's prepare for battle
it's gonna be a long one

1 comment:

  1. I believe in US as a people. US as a nation.
    It's time for US to rise up. XO