Thursday, November 29, 2012


Have you ever injured something that you use everyday? When I was in 6th grade, I fell off a horse and broke my right wrist. In high school, I screwed up my knee and was in a cast on crutches for quite a while. And I've had countless situations where I've hurt myself because I was stupid, say running to far of a distance, or doing a workout too vigorously. However, I have never had something quite like the injury to my hands I've been dealing with for a while.
It's hard to open jars and bottles, and it makes me sad for older folks who are struggling with arthritis or strength issues - why do we make things so hard to open?
I have issues cutting vegetables, so cooking has become a chore.
Working under the microscope has become difficult, requiring fine motor skills that I sometimes just don't have.
Typing is hard on my hands, as is checking the iPhone. I think it has something to do with the bend in my elbow.
Ibuprofen can help, but doesn't alleviate all the symptoms, making me think it's tendon or nerve related.
All of these things sound so lame to me. I mean, who can't use their hands? What a ridiculous thing to happen! I use my hands for everything, absolutely everything and they're a bit broken right now.
I've got a few exercises and I'm doing those. They seem to help in moderation. I'm also trying to take it easy on my hands, which is, itself, not easy. And I think it might be time to find a doctor.

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  1. Yeah dude... you should probably see a doctor. That doesn't sound good.