Monday, November 5, 2012

Recap and Reassess Monday

  • Well, folks, it was the first weekend with my goals in mind. How did I do? 
  • Financial: well, that kinda sucked. We bought a bed on Saturday (much needed, queen size, 10 year warranty - the whole she-bang!) and Alex found out that one of the wheels on his bike is broken. So, we spent about $1000 total, but we used up all our wedding gift cards (which is kinda nice, just to make sure we don't waste them). However, the current state of our credit card bill might warrant a change to this goal. Perhaps saving $50 in the savings account might be more reasonable. 
  • Spiritual: Yeah, I just did not meditate at all this weekend. I'll work on this. But, I did read a little bit before bedtime each night. And I think I might get some books (yay!) for my birthday coming up, so I absolutely LOVE this goal. 
  • Career: Realistically, this weekend I had no time to work on anything career-wise. My Seminar meets tomorrow, so I am planning on attending that. And I will try to read a paper or two this afternoon. 
  • Health: I spent the weekend recovering from biking 100 miles last week. I did not run at all, and I actually feel pretty good about that, even though I didn't hit my goal. I did sit down and stretch a couple times at night this weekend, so I will continue to do that. 
  • Physical: I did, weirdly enough, go to bed around 10-ish and get up around 6-ish every day. I'm not sure if that's because of the time change that I was able to do it (although I did wake up early Saturday morning, even before the time change). I did not, however do any push-ups at all. Maybe I'll get on that tonight.
  • Organizational: This I think I did pretty well. I made a To Do list for our house on Saturday, and we worked all weekend at chipping away at it. In my defense, the To Do list was exceptionally long, and included trips to Costco, Macy's Target, the grocery store, and REI. We also went to the Farmer's Market on Sunday, and I stocked up on veggies and fruits for the week ahead. This To Do list is really working for me, and I'm really happy I started it. 
  • In addition to all the things we did, we also got a lot accomplished around the house. I made chili last night, and I got some of our closets under control, which is a miracle. We also tackled some Thank You notes we've been needing to complete and did four loads of laundry. I'm much happier with how things are starting to look in the house and I think we might be ready to unpack a few more boxes, and even (gasp!) hang pictures soon!
  • This past weekend was also stunningly beautiful. Lovely blue sky, amazing pretty little clouds. It was lovely to appreciate.
  • We also have this "BeWell" program at Stanford, which is really nice. It assesses your health via a questionnaire, and makes suggestions for improvement. It also helps you list out goals and how to achieve them, and seems to be just a great asset to working here. I filled out my assessment on Sunday, and I have a couple of ideas on where to go/what to do, which is really nice. 
  • Tomorrow, I vote! Yay!

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