Thursday, November 8, 2012

Snippets and Tidbits

  • I'm really amazed that Obama won the campaign. We were prepared for a long night watching the polls, yet they called Obama President at, what 8:30pm PST? I think they are going to have to study his campaign to see how they engaged young people and minorities. I guess it didn't hurt that the Republican party essentially alienated intelligent women and, mostly all minorities, right?
  • One thing that I heard that I thought was interesting is that if the Millenial Generation (of which my husband is a member, but not me! I'm Gen X!) votes one way three times, they will vote that way for the rest of their lives. This is the third Presidential campaign they have generally voted Democrat, meaning they are lifelong Democrats and the Republican Party has lost an entire generation of voters due to their restrictive, ridiculous pandering to only the religious right. 
  • This election made me feel really in touch with the rest of the country. Perhaps it's because we made an extended trip across the country and I felt like I spent time in places and really got to know what it was like living in OH, or SD. I can more reasonably understand people's points of view, and I can definitely see where people are coming from more easily. However, I was just super surprised when CO went to Obama, and when Prop 38 (the GMO one) didn't pass. I guess the average voter is smarter than I thought. 
  • I can't say that I cried when Obama was elected, but I can say I was proud to say that I contributed (a very little amount) to his campaign. I was also proud to call him my President after his Victory Speech.
  • I was glad he mentioned climate change in his speech. I have been really upset over the role that science plays in normal life and political debate. For there to be an entire group of people who deny science, and think climate change is not happening is appalling to me. This is a situation that requires our immediate attention, if we want the planet to be somewhat similar for our children. Period. Stop these stupid debates about whether it's happening. It is. Now, let's do something about it. 
  • I feel consistently in awe of and inspired by Michelle Obama. I want to be just like her when I grow up. I just love how she acts, how she is so fun, yet serious and intelligent. I love how she really fulfills all roles of women - she is a successful lawyer, she is a (seemingly) good mother, she takes care of her health, and she champions causes that are important (and really should be bipartisan). She just does it all right. I don't know how she does it all, but she does (likely with an army of staff to assist her). I just remember seeing an article talking about a dress she wore that was available from J.Crew (or something like that) for, lets say $400, while Ann Romney wore a one-off Oscar dela Renta suit that cost over $5,000. How out of touch are you that you would think visiting small town American calls for a designer suit, especially in this economic crisis?
  • Today is rainy and quite cold (or, should I say, colder than usual) and the snow level will be dropping down to 3500 feet tonight. I must admit, I miss Philly. I miss the fall (which appears to be extended and confused here - some trees are changing, but not dropping leaves, while other are actually blooming like it's Spring! Hello?). I not only miss Philly, but I miss my friends. I miss the familiar. I miss our little house. I don't however, miss working in the labs I worked in. At Penn, my frustrations boiled over almost every day, while at ChOP, my passion just wasn't in it. Here, I feel inspired and happy almost every day. The friends thing will come in time, and trust me, I am happy to be closer to home.
  • I've had the beginnings of carpal tunnel syndrome from riding my bike lately. It really sucks to tell your husband, who absolutely LOVES his bike, and riding his bike that riding my bike is hurting me, maybe permanently. He told me to absolutely stop riding, and that he thinks my current bike is just too small, putting all my weight on my hands to balance. We are going to a bike shop this weekend to try to figure things out. I hate to spend even one more dime, but I know this is something that needs to be done, especially with me riding literally 20 miles a day. I just hope they can help me. 

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