Thursday, June 13, 2013

A good dinner that's quick

As I mentioned, I've been doing prenatal yoga twice a week. The class is from 7:15pm to 8:45pm, meaning we get home around 9:30pm and I am starving! I need food fast, and since I'm growing a munchkin, I need to make sure it's a pretty decent dinner. I've always enjoyed "Breakfast for Dinner", so I thought I would share my super quick dinner that's pretty yummy!

Eggs, toast and asparagus

1) Boil some water on the stove top and cut the woody bottoms off a bunch of asparagus. Place asparagus in microwave safe bowl with a splash of water in there. Cover and place in microwave.
2) When water boils, toss your eggs in the water and start the microwave for 5 minutes. Put some toast in the toaster.
3) When the toast pops, butter it (if you like). You can cook the eggs as long as you like. Four to five minutes will give you pretty decent runny yolk eggs. A minute or two longer, and the yolk will harden. At ten minutes, you have pretty close to hard boiled eggs. When eggs are cooked, peel them and toss them on top of the bread. Place asparagus on top of eggs or on the side. You can drizzle the whole concoction with some olive oil, salt and pepper. Or you can toss some parmesan cheese on there. Whatever you like!

Voila! You are done and ready to eat a pretty decent meal!

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