Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tummy Update

  • I'm about 20 weeks now - halfway done!
  • We had our ultrasound last week and everything looks OK. Apparently, all the pieces and parts are in the right places as far as we can tell. It's definitely a boy, so I guess it's time to think of actual names instead of Golack the Destroyer.
  • During the ultrasound, I almost passed out because I was on my back for so long. Apparently, the baby can put pressure either on your vagus nerve or your descending aorta and just cut the blood flow off to your brain. Fantastic!
  • I've been battling what they call "round ligament pain". It's the stretching of the ligaments that support your hips and uterus. It's really odd. I get these pains basically if I'm exercising too hard, which tends to be walking too fast. I think I'm driving poor Alex nuts, as he only has two walking speeds: stopped or super-mega-fast! I'm not sure he "gets" the pain, but I'm thankful that he will at least stop and wait for me. I just can't imagine how slow I will be when I'm 9 months pregnant. 
  • I've been taking a Prenatal Yoga and Mindfulness class lately. I got lucky and am part of a "study" so I get to take the class for free (score!). It's actually pretty interesting. There's lots of yoga I can do, and I wasn't super clear on what was OK and what wasn't. We use lots and lots of props, which is great since I have trouble staying in one position for long. It generally feels pretty good, and not too hard, although the bigger the tummy gets the more challenging the balancing poses get. I've noticed I sleep better after the class, which is a big bonus.
  • They've also got us working on mindfulness, which is something fairly interesting. I guess it's literally just "paying attention" to the world around you. It's also paying attention to your reactions to the world around you. I think it's made me a much calmer person (at least I feel calmer), and I'm hoping this situation will help prepare me for labor, birth, and being a parent. It's also helped me to put down the iPhone or turn off the TV and actually pay attention to what's going on. This is a really good thing!
  • The women in my class are all in their second trimesters, so we can all commiserate together. It's interesting to hear other women who look more fit than I say that a hike or a walk absolutely destroyed them. I guess I'm not alone!
  • I talked to my doctor about the whole "labor, delivery" thing, and it turns out that they would let me go to 41 weeks, which is good (I think). Since I'm considered a geriatric pregnancy (lovely terms, aren't they?), I was concerned they might make me be induced at 39 weeks or something like that. Thankfully, I get the full 40 weeks + 1, so that will be good. I'm happy for a little extra time. It's also nice to know that (at least, so far), I am considered a typical, normal, low risk pregnancy. Gives me hope that the rest of this pregnancy will go smoothly!
  • The hospital where I will deliver is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. They have valet parking. They have room service. It is literally attached to my lab building, so checking in will be a breeze! Ha! Oh, Silicon Valley, you are so weird!
  • Now that I'm in my second trimester, I've got my energy back and I'm feeling pretty good. Actually, I am feeling ridiculously good. It should be illegal to feel this good! I still need a lot of sleep a night (sometimes I will sleep for 10 hours!), so I don't know that that will change, but my attitude and my interest in life in general has changed a lot. I also feel more motivated and more energetic about whatever I am trying to tackle, so that's pretty nice!
  • I've been swimming 2-3 times a week, which has been awesome. I don't think I can really bike to work anymore. My balance is off, and I hate to think about getting hit by a car while pregnant. I can wear a helmet, but I don't have one for Golack. Swimming is so lovely. The pool is great, and water is warm. I'm outdoors for about 30-45 mins a day, which does wonders for my psyche. I've just decided to take time out of my workday to do this, and it's awesome. I am so glad that I'm so lucky to have a pool this close. 
  • As my pregnancy progresses, I also find it a lot easier to do things for myself. I make sure i eat regularly (and I make sure to bring enough food to work that I can eat regularly). I make sure to take breaks and drink water and rest. I make sure to get some kind of exercise every day. It's funny that it was so hard for me to do this when it was "just me", but now that I have a little one to think about, I can do these things all the time. I am hoping these habits will be a significant lifestyle change. 


  1. Crusty!! I am so happy for you. Halfway there. Your experience sounds very similar to mine. I so enjoyed being pregnant and taking good care of myself. I did yoga and swam, too! Good for you, dude. Also, Golack it is!

  2. CMH had valet, too! Haha
    Dude, you're doing a real good job. Golack is lucky to have such a nice mommy ALREADY!