Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I see a guy on campus every couple of weeks. He has two pet ducks. Once, he was wearing a pink leotard and running with one of the ducks in his hand (his friend was filming him). Another time, he was just sitting on a bench, feeding the ducks. They are two females, and they just sit and hang out with him and follow him around. They kinda quack under their breath. You know, like ducks do. Once, he was chasing one, trying to catch her to put her back in her Rubbermaid bin. That's where he keeps them. In a big, blue bin with air holes in it. Last night, he was sitting outside the building next to mine, feeding the ducks. Seemed like he was waiting for someone. 

Last night, as I was walking to yoga class, I head someone yell at their friend, "Like, ohmigod! You are SO Palo Alto!". I have no idea what that means. I mean, I could start to list things that I think embody Palo Alto, but I'm still not sure I understand. 

Women have started to glance at my face and then immediately at my belly, then back to my face. Sometimes they smile (sort of a nostalgic smile), but other times, they laugh. I don't know what the laughing is about. Do I look funny? Maybe I'm starting to waddle?

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  1. I always burst into laughter when I see a pregnant woman. I think it comes from a place of pure joy.