Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Random Pics - playing catchup

 We went to watch the Tour of California when it went through San Jose. Alex and I took the afternoon off and watched the time trial from a corner in a preserve in SJ. It was a beautiful day and a lovely time was had! I think this is the Best Young Rider, Lawson Craddock, making the turn.
 Here's my handsome husband watching the bike race. 
 There goes one rider with the camera guy following him. This race marshall was so entertaining. She always told us who was up next and she screamed for each rider as they went by.
 There we are!
 There goes the eventual winner, Tejay VanGarderen. It was really fun to watch the race and see how fast these guys go!
 This is basically where we camped out to watch the race. Not too shabby, right?
 I really liked this sign.
 Memorial Weekend, we took a hike in the mountains above our house at a place called Russian Ridge. Here you can see the fog in the distance. 
 I love old, mossy oaks!
 The fog was really starting to come in.
 Fog rolls.
 We found a small pond. Here you can see that the fog has really almost completely covered us. Notice Alex's sweatshirt? He NEVER wears those, so it must have been cold!
 That (I'm pretty sure) is a blue heron!
 Memorial Day, we headed up north to Pt. Reyes. We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and had to stop and take some pictures. Notice the city blanketed in fog in the background. 
 When we got to Pt. Reyes, we were greeted by some California quail. There was a male and a female and they were having quite the conversation!
 We hiked to a meadow. It was lovely and reminded me so much of Back East. 
 Then we hiked to the beach. It was foggy and chilly, but eerily beautiful.
 We encountered some more quail on our hike, and these ones were kind enough to oblige a good picture.
 See? Nice pic, right?
There is theoretically a lighthouse at the bottom of this trail. We didn't take the time to see it because the fog was so dense and I was pretty tired after 10 miles hiking. Instead, we took in the view (and I had a strong desire for some hot cocoa) and then we headed home!

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