Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

You guys? This whole pregnancy thing is such a roller coaster! Last Thursday and Friday, I kinda fell off the track a bit. I got real nauseous and super tired and I just couldn't motivate myself in the least. I had a super hard yoga class on Tuesday and I swam Monday and Wednesday, but usually those things don't really bother me too much. I usually feel pleasantly tired. Not completely wiped out.
I feel like pregnancy makes me really pay attention to my body, which is really amazing. I will usually go through my day without a backward glance. I will work until my work is done, not until my body is tired, you know what I mean? But now, I have to make sure I put some breaks in there. My back gets tired (not too achy yet) and I have to make sure I get some water every 30 mins or so. It's interesting how much I can do and also how much I can't do. I'm trying to focus on the "can" part of that statement :)
This past weekend was lovely. We headed to the beach on Saturday for a change of scenery. It was a beautiful day to drive up the coast, and then we headed back toward our house over this super cute, teeny-tiny mountain road. It's fun to drive with Alex like that because we get to talk about where we would eventually want to live and what kind of house we would want and all those hokey hopes and dreams for the future. We are definitely either urban or completely country people. Isn't that weird? I think we would ideally like to live within walking/biking distance of work in a city, or in the country, but a short drive from work. Definitely not in the suburbs where we are currently. Alex says he can't understand why more Californians don't plant fruits and vegetables instead of lawns and funny bushes. I have to say I kind of agree with him!
On Sunday, we hit up the farmer's market and then spent the day around the house, cleaning areas that we've neglected and trying to spruce up the place since we might have visitors this weekend! I talked to my Dad for Father's Day and spent some time on the phone with my Mom too. We are undertaking a baby project together and I'm excited to schedule some time to go hang with my mom and try to make some baby things. I've always wanted to learn how to sew and use a sewing machine, and now seems like the perfect time!
I think I felt the baby move this weekend. I was laying down and I felt some weird feelings in my lower belly. I'm 22 weeks now, and they say he's about 1lb, so I should be able to feel him sometime soon. However, I think he's still small and maybe not always in the right position for me to feel him move. I measured my waist (actually, it's no longer a waist anymore!) and it's 40 inches! 40! Can you believe that? I think I'm starting to look like a rounded beach ball. Hah!
We ended the weekend by attempting chicken curry (actually came out all right - although not authentic Indian like we wanted) and potato kale soup. We should be stocked for dinners for a couple nights, which is always nice, since my yoga class will go until 9pm on Tues! Hope you all have a fantastic week!

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  1. See you in a couple days! I'll be armed with baby things.